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            HODGSON SAGA

                       Geoffrey M. Hodgson

                       Fully-revised second edition

                              Now out of print



HODGSON SAGA is of general interest to anyone with Hodgson ancestry. What is the meaning of the Hodgson surname? How was it formed? From where does it originate? Who were the ancestors of the original Hodgsons? Where did they come from?


This book answers all these questions. It also includes a full detailed report on the Hodgson DNA project, which is extensively updated in the second edition.


This is the definitive text on the Hodgson surname and the Hodgson heritage.



Click HERE for sample pages (including the contents page) from the second edition of Hodgson Saga.


HODGSON SAGA is a 112 page book, including index etc., with large A4 (21cm x 30cm) size pages, hardback bound. The text is over 57,000 words and there are dozens of pictures, tables and maps. The second edition has an attractive dust jacket, as shown above.


First published in 2005.     Reprinted 2006.

ISBN-10  0 9521853 3 4    ISBN-13  978 0 9521853 3 8


Fully revised and updated 2nd edition 2008.

ISBN-10  0 9521853 4 2    ISBN-13  978 0 9521853 4 5


Readers' comments on HODGSON SAGA

"I received my copy of Hodgson Saga at Christmas and write to congratulate you. It is a real ‘page-turner’. The massive amount of research you have carried out and the resultant detail breathes life into your story of our many forebears. I will read it again and again."  Bernard Hodgson

"I am delighted to have received my Hodgson Saga - such interesting history and research."  Rosemary Browning

"Your welcome book has provided this reader with much stimulation for which I am very grateful."  Fred Hodgson

“I've enjoyed reading the book. It was fascinating.”  Andrew Talbot Hopkinson

“It is very interesting and informative – a most valuable book. Thank you again for your masterful efforts.”  Clayton Hodgson

"I enjoyed it greatly. Congratulations." Edward Hodgson

“An excellent book.”  Pauline Eldridge

“A fascinating insight into the origin of our name.”  Keith Hodgson

“My message was to say how pleased I was with your excellent book.”  Kathleen N Hodgson

“Thanks! Your Hodgson Saga was enlightening.”  James Day Hodgson

“The books arrived in good order and I have been enjoying them ever since. I plan to share two of the books with family and I'm sure they will appreciate all of the work involved in preparing them. The section on famous or infamous Hodgsons is fun.”  Kay Ekstrom


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